Blogging Guidelines (Rules)

Let's begin by reviewing some rules for blogging.

1. First name only—not your last name.

2. Do NOT share personal information about you or your school.

3. Do NOT type email addresses or any screen names.

4. Do NOT type home addresses or phone numbers.

5. Do NOT link to your personal blog or school blog, which might reveal information you don’t want shared.

Quality Work 
1. All comments submitted must be appropriate. Inappropriate or sloppy writing will not be acceptable and could affect your grade.

2. Proof-read your comments carefully. Students should check for spelling mistakes before submitting a comment.

3. Always write in full, complete sentences and words – no “text talk” please!

4. Think about who might be reading your blog entry, and make sure you are polite.

5. Make sure your blog entry stays on the topic.

6. Always make sure that you:
     • Check your spelling,
     • Check your spacing,
     • Check your capitalization,
     • Check your punctuation,
     • Check your grammar and use of words, and,
     • Be respectful of others’ ideas